Broad offer

Thanks to the wide variety of services we provide, our specialists are able to offer a comprehensive range of assistance.

Qualified specialists

The Synergia Centre is a place designed to support you in overcoming difficulties that arise in everyday life, at home and at work. Our team consists of qualified specialists who have years of experience.


We continue to expand our Centre by opening clinics in new locations and employing more specialists.

We conduct sessions in several languages: Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian and French


Individual psychotherapy

We would like to invite all adults, children and adolescents to individual psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy for couples and married people

Praca terapeuty skupia się na wspieraniu zasobów klienta, towarzyszeniu mu w procesie zdrowienia. Delikatnym dotyk dłoni terapeuty normalizuje przepływ płynów w organizmie klienta.


A new job or profession is a big project that you can prepare for so that you can achieve this change with a sense of purpose and confidence.

Long-term partnership

Our cooperation with external service providers is based on mutual respect and a long-term relationship





We adapt our offer to the needs of our patients

We are constantly developing to ensure that everyone can receive the help of our specialists

Online sessions

Online sessions

Caring for the needs and convenience of our patients, it is possible to take advantage of our services not only in a stationary form, but also online.

Interlingual sessions

Interlingual sessions

In order to best adapt our offer to the oczekiwań naszych Pacjentów, prowadzimy sesje także w języku angielskim, francuskim oraz migowym

Convenient locations

Convenient locations

Our clinics are conveniently located with an easy access both by car and by public transportation

Trainings and workshops

We organise a range of workshops and trainings for both psychologists and people wishing to broaden their knowledge and skills in the field of psychology.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to make an appointment with a psychologist for a minor patient?

Yes, certainly. We have specialists for children.

How long do I need to wait for an appointment with a psychotherapist?

Depending on the therapist, the waiting time is between a few and several days.

How much does a one-to-one visit cost and how long it is?

180 PLN for 50min consultation/session

How should I prepare for the appointment?

There is no preparation needed, but you can write down the problems you would like to discuss with a specialist.

Who will start the conversation?

This is an individual matter, if you are afraid to start, the therapist will definitely make contact with you in the appropriate way.

How is the first session and what will the therapist ask me?

The first session is in the form of a consultation, the therapist has to get to know the problem you are facing and define a plan of action. He may ask you, how do you feel, what your symptoms are, what your professional and family environment is like

Will anyone will be informed about our appointment?

No, the therapist does not inform the patient's relatives, family or employer about the appointment. Except if the patient has given his written consent. The therapist is only obliged to inform the relevant services or persons if the life of the patient or a third party is at risk.