We are a place that supports you in overcoming difficulties that arise in everyday life, in your family and at work.

Our team consists of qualified specialists with years of experience.

We organise a range of trainings and workshops for psychologists, as well as for people who want to broaden their knowledge and skills in the field of psychology. We also offer workshops and psychological support packages for companies and enterprises.

We continue to develop our Centre by opening new offices in new locations and employing new specialists.

Workshops, trainings, therapy and counselling sessions available also in English!



Our therapists constantly broaden their knowledge by gaining new qualifications

Various forms

Various forms

On-site and online sessions and multiple languangues: English, French, Russian or sign language



Our practices are located in convenient, cosy locations with easy access

Therapists regularly participate in both external and organized by our Center divers trainings and workshops. They also systematically undergo supervision.

Psychological practice in Szczecin (Stettin)

Thanks to our wide portfolio, we can offer our Patients a rich package of support

Care and respect for the patient's needs are most important to us

Individual psychotherapy

We would like to invite all adults, children and adolescents to individual psychotherapy

Counselling for couples and marriages

The work of the therapist focuses on supporting the client’s resources, accompanying him through the healing process. The gentle touch of the therapist’s hands normalizes the flow of fluids in the client’s organism.

A new job or profession is a big project that you can prepare for so that you can achieve this change with a sense of purpose and confidence.

We have recently opened our practices in Warsaw and Poznań (Posen).

We continue to develop our Centre by opening our clinics in new locations and employing more specialists.