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Psychotherapy is one of the methods of treating mental disorders based on interpersonal contact. It is also used to develop personality and relationship potential, as well as social skills. People who decide to see a psychologist often want to understand the motives behind their actions or to get to know themselves better. Therapy usually takes place on a regular basis and involves a meeting between the client or a group of clients and the therapist. It helps to identify the problem and its cause, to look at difficulties from a different perspective, to become aware of previous patterns of behaviour, and to find solutions or change the way of behaving. It is also helpful with depression, anxiety disorders, stress, addictions and personality problems.

Psychotherapy can also be a tool for personal development. Different treatment methods are used depending on the problem. Its duration is individual and is influenced by many factors, such as: the type of problem and severity of symptoms, life experiences and individual characteristics of a person, the possibility of implementing changes, the frequency of meetings. At the beginning, goals and indicators for change are established to check whether psychotherapy is having the desired effect.

Individual psychotherapy

We would like to invite all adults and adolescents to individual psychotherapy.

Offer The work of the therapist is focused on supporting the client’s resources, accompanying him through the healing process. The gentle touch of the therapist’s hands normalizes the flow of fluids in the client’s body

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